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SERUM for dry skin

SERUM for dry skin

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Mask for dry skin LOVOR COSMETICS

MASK for dry skin

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Oil for face beard and moustache care

Oil for face beard and moustache care

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Lemon balm lip balm

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immortelle tonic 100ml

Immortelle tonic

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Natural peeling-oil scrub

Natural peeling-oil scrub

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Anti-aging day cream

Anti-aging day cream

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Lemon balm cream for combination skin

Lemon balm cream for combination skin

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Sets for every occasion
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Men set 1

Men set 1

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Children set

Children set

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Balm + Soap Set

Balm + Soap Set

Lovor products

Greener than green, that’s probably the best description of our natural products. They represent the best of what nature has to offer us! Most ingredients are found in nature or are grown there andare certified after careful control.

The Lovor line consists of 100% natural, organic and vegan cosmetics and is suitable for all ages, adults, children and baby’s.

The certification for cosmetics: Organic, Natural & Organic and Natural, has been issued by ECOGEA. The products are made by a small family business in Croatia. The organic ingredients are grown on their own land or come from the region. Old herbal knowledge is implemented in new recipes and also new ORGANIC products are developed all the time. The products support health in many ways.

The Lovor balms contain only oils, (shea/cacao) butters and some products are with beeswax, without water, emulsifier or preservatives.

The balms that you can find at Lovor are:

balm with immortelle, balm with lemon balm and marigold, balm for the face, beard and mustache, lip balm, baby balm, body butter with immortelle and massage block with grape seeds. The balms are slightly greasy and are mainly used for certain parts of the body that need attention.

Our soaps are made on an ecological pH-neutral soap base and Aloe Vera juice.

Other Lovor products without preservatives are:

tonics: tonic from lemon balm, lavender, sage and immortelle; essential oils, oil for beard and mustache, natural oil scrub; shampoos (blocks), hair conditioner; deos; breath freshener and toothpaste. Our 100% natural VEGAN toothpaste is completely WITHOUT FLUOR.

LOVOR organic foot-, hand-, face creams and body milk contain only 0.6% permitted preservative for eco cosmetics by ECOCERT. Since this is purely synthetic alcohol-based you can expect no or rarely allergic skin reactions. The natural emulsifier is based on wheat protein. 

Our products are FREE of: chemicals, parabens, silicones, synthetic ingredients, nano materials, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), perfumes and dyes.

Lovor also has essential oils and hydrolates/tonics that can also be used as eco-friendly cleaners and fresheners.

Lemon balm creams, Lemon balm mild soap or Lemon balm tonic can be used for children and adults.

The products includes essential oil of lemon balm and hydrolate of lemon balm-our Lemon balm tonic which is less known. Lemon balm (MELISSA OFFICINALIS) has been traditionally known for its properties.

The essential oil used here is of the highest quality and is produced in limited quantities.

Lemon balm tonic is obtained as a byproduct in the distillation of the lemon balm plant and contains valuable and active substances from the plant itself. Our lemon balm tonic is pure, with no added water, alcohol or preservatives. It replaces all commercial tonics or lotions.

The Lemon balm  mild soap is for the hands and the whole body, as well asfor the face with sensitive or blemished skin.

The ideal routine for the care of problematic (teen)skin predisposed to acne and pimples is: wash with the lemon balm mild soap, then apply the lemon balm tonic followed by the nourishing lemon balm cream. In the collection you can choose between a lemon balm cream for dry or mixed skin.

Other ORGANIC and VEGAN products from our green collection are the refreshing and nourishing foot cream and a protective and nourishing hand cream.

One more product certainly deserves to be highlighted and that is our organic hydrating  body milk.

Which is with hydrolate of lemon balm and cold-pressed oils of sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, pumpkin oil and almond oil and has a defining scent due to the essential oil of lemongrass.

You can be sure that with our products you are caring for your skin with  a natural and pure products.

Especially for adults, there is an anti-age set with grape seed oil and a set with immortelle.

All ingredients and the products are extensively checked for quality and are not tested on animals.

By choosing products that have not been tested on animals, we are choosing for a better future.

We are against testing on animals. Peta

The entire LOVOR collection is also VEGAN, with the exception of a few products where pure beeswax has been added as the only non-vegan ingredient.

These products with beeswax are lip balm, balm with lemon balm and marigold, massage block, balm for the face, beard and mustache, the green deostick and body milk.

The main ingredient in this red collection is grape seed oil, nature’s strongest vitamin E that can repair damaged skin (for example caused by weather conditions). Therefore this collection is recommended as a prevention against sunspots especially in spring when the uv-radiation is the strongest.

In this special set you can find:

A gentle exfoliating soap with lemon balm and ground black grape seeds that prevents aging of the skin.

A fine oil scrub which the oil nourishes dry skin and softens the skin. Made with dried and ground leaves of lemon balm, grape seeds and chamomile flower in apricot kernel oil.

A nourishing day cream with lemon balm and olive oil, grape seed extract that moisturizes and nourishes the skin and gives it elasticity that keeps it looking youthful.

A moisturizing night cream for the face and around the eyes, with lemon balm, grape seed and chamomile in apricot seed oil with rose hydrolate. This night cream is also popular with men.

A vitalizing massage balm that protects and nourishes dry and sensitive skin and gives a pleasant feeling of warmth. It can also be used for regeneration or to soothe the skin e.g. after hair removal.

Immortelle (Helicrysum italycum), the flower that never fades is called immortal, has a specific scent. The flower buds of this Mediterranean plant are mainly used in anti-aging skin care products because it reduces aging.The immortelle flower and plant is usually distilled giving the essential oil and Immortelle hydrolate or Immortelle tonic.

The essential oil of immortelle works well against wrinkles.

The immortelle tonic is for skin hydration and care of a mature skin. You can use it as a base, it refreshes and revitalizes.

The active substances of the plant are obtained from the process where the flowers are dipped in natural oil. This immortelle flower extract is also used in our products for the face and body.

For taking care of your body, you can use our 100% natural and vegan immortelle body butter. This deeply nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and moisturized for a long time. This body butter is made with organic cocoa butter, sunflower oil and immortelle flower extract.

The balm with immortelle will protect and regenerate your skin during the day, even in cold weather conditions. Can be used on the face as well as around the eyes, lips, neck and décolleté.

When you apply the balm in the evening, shea butter and immortelle flower extract will further moisturize the skin and not close the pores, so your skin will recover while you rest.

These products from the collection are for multi-purpose use. Soap for shaving and showering, Balm for the face and styling of beard and mustache and Men’s shampoo and shower gel.

These are made from carefully selected and 100% natural and organic ingredients with the best vegetable almond and olive oils, organic shea butter and pure essential oils of pine, verbena, cedar and incense.

A new product in our men’s collection is the natural Oil for face beard and mustache care. This oil nourishes the skin, gives shine and softens the beard.

Our products are suitable for the complete face and body care of the modern man, who not only values good care but also consciously deals with nature.

The soap and balm for shaving and showering also fit conveniently in your cabin baggage, so you can easily take them on a trip.

The products from the children’s collection consist of carefully selected ingredients for the care of delicate children’s skin that is prone to irritation and redness and are without preservatives and without artificial substances or fragrances.

The natural baby shampoo for the bath or shower is with chamomile, marigold, lemon balm in almond oil, based on aloe vera juice. It does not irritate the eyes.

The baby soap contains in addition to aloe vera,shea butter giving it a creamy texture and softness for the skin.

The baby balm is a balm without added water with pure shea- and cocoa butter, marigold, chamomile, lemon balm and pure almond oil and therefore very gentle on the skin.

This can also be used for the whole body and in wintertime you can protect the face and hands with it.

The baby balm can be used in case of dermatitis and atopic skin in both children and adults.

Natural, Natural-Organic (natural with organic portion) and Organic

The quality standard of our products is based on European Union legislation because it has the best regulations in the world regarding the safety of cosmetic products. Every product has undergone an expert safety assessment before it is put on the market.


Composition rule summary: minimum 95 % of natural ingredients required, minimum 10 % – 100 % of processed natural ingredients from organic agricultural source.

Very strict limitation regarding synthetic additives with no natural alternatives.

Natural – Organic

Composition rule summary:

minimum 85 % of natural ingredients required,

minimum 2,5 % – 25 % of processed natural ingredients from organic agricultural source.

Very strict limitation regarding synthetic additives with no natural alternatives. 


Composition rule summary, minimum 75 % of natural ingredients required.

No minimum organic % of processed natural ingredients from agricultural source is required, but is highly recommended.

Strict limitation regarding synthetic additives with no natural alternatives. 


X Ingredients obtained from living or dead animals, unless naturally produced by them, such as beeswax

X Animal testing

X Use of mineral oil and silicones in products certified as organic

X Synthetic ingredients, which can be naturally harvested or produced with organic farmin

X Nanomaterials (until proven safe)

X Gamma and X-ray irradiation

X Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) 



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